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Starting Off

One of the biggest questions you'd like to have an answer to in life is 'what do you want to do?'. The more you experience, the more clear the answer to that question becomes. How can you find out whether you enjoy something if you never try it, right? For some people, the answer to this question is figured out early on in life. For others, it can take many more years to figure out.

Growing up

Personally, I've been fortunate enough to have experienced an incredible childhood. This has allowed me to experience a wide range of hobbies, activities and work. From spending 4 months per year in the Cayman Islands at age 10, learning to scuba dive at age 11 and living in Switzerland at age 14, I had great experiences.


It was whilst living in Switzerland that I discovered my passion for video production. 15 years old, a Sony professional broadcast camera and a MacBook Pro is all I needed. Along with my dad; I started off filming comedy videos in Switzerland & music videos in Grand Cayman. As a result, this led to more people seeing what I've created, which led to some great opportunities. One of my first was spending a few days with the Channel 5 team filming for their TV series - Monkey Life.

The Current Situation

Following on from the initial experiences, I soon ended up creating videos for businesses rather than with them. My first job was a promotional video for a local care home. As time went on, I was filming for music artists, bands, David Lloyd Leisure Clubs, Swiss property agents, Swiss ski resorts and some more smaller jobs. I found interest in music production during these years. So, this meant I learned more and practised the audio production side. However, It's only within the last couple of years I've had more interest in website design and production. Due to the pandemic, I've had time to learn huge amounts about almost everything to do with websites, which has led me to make 9 various websites within the last year alone.